Brandspot Media Bureau specialises in generating simple but highly creative media strategies and proposals.
Serving both foreign and domestic customers has been our line of business since 2010.
Through mutual trust and knowledge-sharing, we have built successful partnerships with many customers.

A progressive
Media Bureau

Every day presents us with new opportunities to help companies, both in Denmark and abroad, with their marketing activities.

Most companies are well versed in their own products: but what they come to us for is ideas, inspiration and media expertise.

Some questions entrepreneurs have: what type of media will serve us best?

What do other companies in our sector do? How can we set ourselves apart? Which media will be best for our product and our present budget? Should we spend our advertising budget on banners, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, television or newspapers? Brandspot is able to give companies the answers to all these questions, drawing on our knowledge of things that have worked well in the past and are likely to succeed in the future.

Customers’ access to data

The focal point of much of our work is the accessibility of data for all our customers. We believe that data should not only be accessible but transparent for the customer – irrespective of campaign size or budget. Data management should be ‘agile’ – meaning flexible and capable of absorbing feedback. This is why we allow our customers to view dashboards that reflect their campaigns in real time – something which also helps increase understanding for the strategy. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the defined KPIs. As a customer, you can rest assured that your marketing campaign will be subject to scrutiny on an ongoing basis. All our work is tailored to the specific company and fully measurable.



Progressive thinking

The media world is in a state of constant flux. We tailor our advice to the particular customer and re-think every new consultation with the particular task and customer in mind.


To ensure efficiency in the campaign, the course of action must be well-plotted. We manage the entire media project, ensuring that the process is made visible and clear to the customer.


Comprehensive administration of the campaign ensures maximum effect. We make certain that deadlines are met and that media companies keep to their agreements.


Our analytical approach when preparing a marketing strategy enables us to optimise your campaign on an ongoing basis, achieve the desired goals and secure the very best outcome.


And at the end of a campaign, we undertake analyses and evaluation, sharing the results with the customer so that insights and findings are clarified and results are highlighted.

PR and the design of banners

Together with our skilled partners, we can help you with PR on a ‘no cure – no pay’ basis, copywriting and developing html banners.


Make your brand fly

Singapore Airlines chose Brandspot as their partner for digital campaigns in Finland, Sweden and Norway. These targeted an important group for the company: business travellers.

We developed a customised a strategy for selected digital-rich media formats and drove the campaign through a brand-safe social media universe on special sites sure to be encountered by the target group.

In the very first weeks of the campaign period, we were able to document evidence of a record-high response from the target group.

This was measured through events, traffic on the landing page and the halving of the CPM price compared to former campaigns.



Over the last 10 years, Brandspot Media Bureau has devised a number of media and campaign plans for IDA (the Danish Society of Engineers), aimed at students as well as qualified engineers.

We worked continuously to achieve the target of 250 new registration-eligible members per month, reaching this every time – and frequently surpassing it by up to 20% per month.

The campaigns included programmed purchasing of display campaigns; gamification; Facebook/Instagram; outdoor campaigns/wrap advertising on buses; and events with guest dignitaries such as Holger Bech Nielsen, Professor Emeritus in theoretical nuclear Physics at the Niels Bohr Institute; or the researcher and lead singer in ‘Magtens Korridorer’ band, Johan Olsen.


For the fourth year in a row, Brandspot Media Bureau was chosen, along with Hilmar Høgsberg A/S, to manage the branding for Samsø as Denmark’s Number 1 holiday destination.

We are tasked with the digital strategy, whose primary objective is to engage with TV and other offline media.

 Our focus is to enlighten people to the possibilities of the destination and, not least, to increase ticket sales.

The digital strategy has already scored more than 20,000 tickets sold each season.


Bespoke design

A fusion of carpentry and design – handmade for your home.

KORP Studio takes an uncompromisingly innovative approach, so their aim was to find an equally open-minded partner in the media world.

Through a tailored digital strategy and optimised banner material, Brandspot engineered a 185% rise in the number of promising enquiries during the campaign period.

On the road

Hella Servicepartner worked with Brandspot over three years, primarily on branding campaigns with clearly defined management goals to grow awareness in the target group.
A calculated approach using digital and television campaigns, based on one of the automotive industry’s smaller budgets, achieved an astonishing increase in awareness.

Not only that, but interest increased from automotive workshops too, who were keen to join the Hella Servicepartner fold.


See, feel, hear, taste and breathe Denmark

The organisation Danish Coastal and Nature-based Tourism are behind the ‘Denmark on Rails’ campaign, in cooperation with VisitDenmark and DSB.

The aim was to inspire people to journey through Denmark, starting with a train, bus or metro ride: the idea was to promote exploration of one’s own country.

Brandspot Media Bureau was chosen as a partner and consultant to drive the operation through online banner advertisements and platforms and certain outdoor formats.

The campaign reached more than 2 million Danes and attracted a record number of visitors to the website.

Danish Coastal and Nature-based Tourism has furthermore collaborated with Brandspot Media Bureau over the last four years on campaigns for the West Coast and 14 selected destinations.



A wealth of experience in media offices and the advertising industry gave Klaus Lindholm the impetus to start his own company, Brandspot Media Bureau, in 2010. Since then, Brandspot has specialised in generating simple, creative media strategies and proposals.
When you engage Brandspot Media Bureau, you can rely on their excellent solutions and expertise – but more than that, through mutual trust and knowledge-sharing, we have built successful partnerships with many customers.
We take very seriously the responsibility of being our customers’ closest advisers. For us, empathy, honesty and trust are guiding principles. We do our utmost to provide the very best consultancy services.